Product : VMware, vSAN [SDS]/7.0 U1, Enterprise
Feature : Software Pricing Model, Pricing, General
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Per CPU Socket
Per Desktop (VDI use cases only)
Per Used GB (VCPP only)
vSAN Enterprise
vSAN Advanced
vSAN Standard
vSAN for ROBO Enterprise
vSAN for ROBO Advanced
vSAN for ROBO Standard

vSAN (for ROBO) Standard editions offer All-Flash Hardware, iSCSI Target Service, Storage Policy Based Management, Virtual Distributed Switch, Rack Awareness, Software Checksum and QoS - IOPS Limit.

vSAN (for ROBO) Enterprise and vSAN (for ROBO) Advanced editions exclusively offer All-Flash related features RAID-5/6 Erasure Coding and Deduplication+Compression, as well as vRealize Operations within vCenter over vSAN (for ROBO) Standard editions.

vSAN (for ROBO) Enterprise editions exclusively offer Stretched Cluster and Data-at-rest Encryption features over both vSAN (for ROBO) Standard and Advanced editions.

VMware vSAN is priced per CPU socket for VSI workloads, but can also be acquired per desktop for VDI use cases; A 25VM Pack is exclusively available for ROBO use cases.

vSAN for Desktop is priced per named user or per concurrent user (CCU) in a virtual desktop environment and sold in packs of 10 and 100 licenses.

VMware vSAN is priced per Used GB when subscribing to vSAN from a VMware Cloud Provider (VCPP = VMware Cloud Partner Program).