Product : VMware, vSAN [SDS]/7.0 U1, Enterprise
Feature : Call-Home Function, Support, Management
Content Owner:  Herman Rutten
Partial (vSAN Support Insight)
With regard to vSAN as a software-only offering (SDS), VMware does not offer call-home for the entire solution consisting of both storage software and sever hardware. This means storage software support (vSAN) and server hardware support are separate.

VMware vSAN Support Insight: For end user organizations participating in the VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) anonymized telemetry data is collected hourly to help VMware Global Support Services (GSS) and Engineering to understand usage patterns of features and hardware, identify common product issues faced by end users, and understand and diagnose the end user organizations configuration and runtime state to expedite support request handling. All information is gathered from VMWare vCenter and as such provides an indirect view of the server hardware state.

VMware vSAN Support Insight is available at no additional cost for all vSAN customers with an active support contract running vSphere 6.5 Patch 2 or higher.

Some server hardware vendors provide call-home support for hardware related failures eg. failed disks, faulty network interface cards (NICs). In some cases this type of pro-active support requires an enhanced support contract.