Product : Citrix, Citrix Hypervisor/8, Premium
Feature : Storage Migration, VM Mobility, VM Mobility and HA
Content Owner:  Roman Macek
Yes (Storage Live Migration)
Storage Live Migration in Citrix Hypervisor works with the VM in any power state (stopped, paused or running)

Live migration and storage live migration are subject to the following limitations and caveats:
- VMs using PCI pass-through cannot be migrated.
- VM performance is reduced during migration.
- For storage live migration, pools protected by high availability, disable high availability before attempting VM migration.
- Time to completion of VM migration depends on the memory footprint of the VM and its activity. In addition, the size of the VDI and its storage activity affects VMs being migrated with storage live migration.
- IPv6 Linux VMs require a Linux Kernel greater than 3.0.

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