Product : Citrix, XenServer/6.5, Commercial Edition
Feature : Cross-Vendor Mgmt, General, Management
Content Owner:  Roman Macek
No (native)
Yes (Vendor Add-On: CloudPlatform)
XenCenter only manages Citrix XenServer hosts.

- Citrixs Desktop Virtualization product (XenDesktop, fee based add-on) supports multiple hypervisors (ESX, XenServer, Hyper-V)
- Citrixs CloudPlatform supports multiple hypervisors including Citrix XenServer, Xen, KVM, VMware vSphere and Oracle VM (multiple hypervisors within a single cloud)
- The Citrix XenServer Conversion Manager in 6.1 now enables batch import of VMs created with VMware products into a XenServer pool to reduce costs of converting to a XenServer environment).