Product : Citrix, XenServer/7.2, Enterprise
Feature : Overview, Assessment, General
Content Owner:  Roman Macek
XenServer 7.2 Enterprise Edition includes features that are not available in the Standard Edition, focused on enterprise customers needs, as well as Citrix support:
- Live patching
- Conversion manager for vSphere
- Dynamic Workload Balancing & Audit Reporting (WLB)
- Accelerate Citrix Provisioning Services performance

For Standard vs Enterprise edition, please check:
Citrix released XenServer version 7.2 in February 2017, this major release added for:

- Scheduled Snapshots. This feature enables customers to configure their environment to automatically create VM snapshots at specified intervals. This helps guard against ransomware, unforeseen data corruption issues, system crashes, or user errors, by providing a last-known working version of the VM.
- Enablement for XenDesktop Tablet Mode. Support for GPIO mode laptop and slate indicator driver, which when used in conjunction with XenDesktop 7.14, allows customers to experience tablet mode. XenServer and XenDesktop are the only desktop virtualisation solution to enable Windows 10 Continuum experience in a virtualised environment.
- XenCenter Proxy Authentication. XenCenter already allows the configuration of a proxy server to access the Internet. XenCenter 7.2 adds the ability to specify a username and password to connect to the proxy server, if the proxy server requires authentication.
Citrix entered the Hypervisor market with the acquisition of XenSource - the main supporter of the open source Xen project - in Oct 2007. The Xen project continues to exist, see