Product : Citrix, XenServer/7.3, Enterprise
Feature : Overview, Assessment, General
Content Owner:  Roman Macek
XenServer 7.3 Enterprise Edition includes features that are not available in the Standard Edition, focused on enterprise customers needs, as well as Citrix support:
- Live patching and automated updates
- Conversion manager for vSphere
- Dynamic Workload Balancing & Audit Reporting (WLB)
- Accelerate Citrix Provisioning Services performance

For Standard vs Enterprise edition, please check:
Citrix released XenServer version 7.3 in December 2017, this release added support for:

- New Backup API, with support for incremental backups and Changed Block Tracking
- Support for the use of VLANs on the XAPI management interface (trunk ports can carry multiple VLANs based on tagging)
- Bromium Endpoint Protection support, using nested virtualization for micro hypervisor isolation

Citrix entered the Hypervisor market with the acquisition of XenSource - the main supporter of the open source Xen project - in Oct 2007. The Xen project continues to exist, see