Product : Citrix, XenServer/7, Enterprise
Feature : Overview, Assessment, General
Content Owner:  Roman Macek
XenServer 7 Enterprise Edition includes features that are not available in the Standard Edition, focussed on enterprise customers needs, as well as Citrix support: Enterprise only features with XenServer 7.0 are:
Microsoft Windows Update for IO Drivers
Storage read caching for MCS
Virtual GPU via Intel GVT-g
Windows agent auto-update (self-update)
Comtrade Management Pack
Export Pool Resource list from XenCenter
Conversion Manager appliance
WLB appliance
Measured Boot Supp. Pack
Direct Inspect APIs for memory introspection

For Standard vs Enterprise edition, please check:
Citrix released XenServer 7.0 in May 2016, this major release added support for:
Intel GPU virtualisation (“GVT-g”) which provides virtualised graphics without any additional hardware
Direct Inspect APIs, enabling third party security vendors to protect apps and desktops, transparently scanning VM memory via the hypervisor with no agent within the VMs
Health Check to automate the upload of logs to Citrix Insight Services, with the user receiving diagnostic results in the XenCenter management console
Automated installation and updating of Windows IO drivers via the Windows Update mechanism
New storage options including SMB (CIFS), open-FCoE, NFSv4, Software Boot from iSCSI on Cisco UCS
Running Windows Docker containers on a Windows Server 2016 VM running on XenServer
Numerous maintenance improvements including increased size of Dom0 disk partitions, with Log files kept on a larger, separate partition
As a major release XenServer 7.0 will be supported by Citrix for five years

Citrix entered the Hypervisor market with the acquisition of XenSource - the main supporter of the open source Xen project - in Oct 2007. The Xen project continues to exist, see