Product : Citrix, XenServer/7, Standard
Feature : Overview, Assessment, General
Content Owner:  Roman Macek
XenServer 7 Standard Edition includes Citrix support. XenServer 7.0 Standard Edition includes the following new features:
-Health Check
-Open FCoE support
-Software-boot-from-iSCSI for Cisco UCS
-Support Windows Server Containers
-Greatly increased configuration limits for host and guest memory as well as physical and virtual CPUs
-Static guest IP setting

For Standard vs Enterprise edition, please check:
Citrix released XenServer 7.0 in May 2016, this major release added support for:
- Intel GPU virtualisation (“GVT-g”) which provides virtualised graphics without any additional hardware
- Direct Inspect APIs, enabling third party security vendors to protect apps and desktops, transparently scanning VM memory via the hypervisor with no agent within the VMs
- Health Check to automate the upload of logs to Citrix Insight Services, with the user receiving diagnostic results in the XenCenter management console
- Automated installation and updating of Windows IO drivers via the Windows Update mechanism
- New storage options including SMB (CIFS), open-FCoE, NFSv4, Software Boot from iSCSI on Cisco UCS
- Running Windows Docker containers on a Windows Server 2016 VM running on XenServer
- Numerous maintenance improvements including increased size of Dom0 disk partitions, with Log files kept on a larger, separate partition
As a major release XenServer 7.0 will be supported by Citrix for five years

Citrix entered the Hypervisor market with the acquisition of XenSource - the main supporter of the open source Xen project - in Oct 2007. The Xen project continues to exist, see