Product : Microsoft, HyperV/2019, DataCenter
Feature : Cross-Vendor Mgmt, General, Management
Content Owner:  Roman Macek
Improved (VMware) & removed (Citrix)
System Center 2019 includes management capabilities for heterogeneous environments. Components like Operations Manager will continue to provide integration with Sun Solaris and various Linux and Unix distributions. SC Orchestrator now integrates toolsets from e.g. VMware, IBM and HP etc. into automated workflows. But also the virtualization and cloud management has been enhanced to manage different hypervisors with support for (alongside Hyper-V) VMware vSphere and Citrix XenServer. With VMM 2016, the support of XenServer has been removed and only ESXi 5.5 and further are supported. Comment: Multi-hypervisor management is still a point of contention in the industry. SC2019 has greatly improved the management scope but there still is (and arguably always will be) the inability to replicate 100% of the native vendor features and keep up with constantly changing product releases resulting in the need for the native vendor tool. This primarily applies to virtualization management while support for heterogeneous hypervisor environments under unified cloud management is a generally accepted scenario.