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Red Hat Virtualization is Red Hats server and technical workstation virtualization platform. It consists of the management product RHV-M (manager) and RHV-H (hypervisor) - a purpose built, slim hypervisor based on KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine) - also referred to as Red Hat Virtualization Hypervisor. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) also contains KVM based virtualization capabilities, typically referred to as Red Hat Enterprise Linux Hosts. RHV-M can manage RHV-H hosts as well as RHEL hypervisor hosts running KVM (but make sure to check version compatibilities). All listed features apply to both, RHV-H and RHEL host - unless pointed out otherwise.

Red Hat Virtualization is Microsoft SVVP (Server Virtualization Validation Program) Certified and RHV-M can manage Windows guests.

Vendor Messaging:
- Red Hat Virtualization is a complete virtualization management solution for virtualized servers and technical workstations.
- Red Hat Virtualization aims to provide performance advantages, competitive pricing, and a trusted, stable environment.
- Building on Red Hat Virtualization hypervisor and the popular oVirt open virtualization management project, Red Hat Virtualization positions itself as strategic virtualization alternative to proprietary virtualization platforms.
- Red Hat Virtualization provides common underlying services and management technologies for traditional virtualization workloads while also providing an on-ramp to high-level cloud functionality based on OpenStack.

With Red Hat Virtualization, you can:
* Take advantage of existing people skills and investments
* Decrease TCO and accelerate ROI
* Automate time-consuming and complicated manual tasks
* Standardize storage, infrastructure, and networking services on OpenStack (tech-preview)