Product : Red Hat, RHEV/3.6, RHEV
Feature : Central Management, General, Management
Content Owner:  Roman Macek
Third-party plug-in framework
RHEV focuses on managing the virtual infrastructure and can also manage Red Hat Gluster Storage nodes.

Also RHEV-M integrates with 3rd party applications including:
- BMC connector for RHEV-M REST API to collect data for managing RHEV boxes without having to install an agent.
- HP OneView for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (OVRHEV) UI plug-in that that allows you to seamlessly manage your HP ProLiant infrastructure from within RHEV Manager and provides actionable, valuable insight on underlying HP hardware (HP Insight Control plug-in is also available).
- Veritas Storage Foundation that delivers storage Quality of Service (QoS) at the application level and maximizes your storage efficiency, availability and performance across operating systems. This includes Veritas Cluster Server provides automated disaster recovery functionality to keep applications up and running. Cluster Server enables application specific fail-over and significantly reduces recovery time by eliminating the need to restart applications in case of a failure.
- Tenable Network Securitys Nessus Audit for RHEV-M which queries the RHEV API and reports that information within a Nessus report.
- Ansible RHEV module that allows you to create new instances, either from scratch or an image, in addition to deleting or stopping instances on the RHEV platform.