Product : Red Hat, RHV/4.0, RHV
Feature : Browser Based Mgmt, General, Management
Content Owner:  Roman Macek
Yes (extended functionality with CloudForms - Fee-Based Add On)
RHV has comprehensive data warehouse with a stable API.
It provides a system monitoring dashboard in the UI to monitor the system in these different levels.

Red Hat Virtualization includes a deeper integration with Red Hat Satellite that allows the querying of errata information for the RHV-Manager’s operating system and provides a complete view into critical updates for the infrastructure lifecycle management. The release also includes the ability to modify the health status of Host, Storage Domain, or Virtual Machine objects based on external factors such as hardware failure or OS monitoring alerts. Users can quickly perform an impact analysis of their environment in the event an object beyond RHV’s normal visibility is at risk of failure.

CloudForms offers cloud and virtualization operations management advance capabilities.
Features of the cloud and virtualization operations management capabilities:
- delivering IaaS with self-service
- service catalogs, automated provisioning and life cycle management
- monitoring and optimization of infrastructure resources and workloads
- metering, resource quotas, and chargeback
- proactive management, advanced decision support, and intelligent automation through predictive analytics
- provides visibility and reporting for governance, compliance, and management insight
- Enforces enterprise policies in real-time, ensuring cloud security, reliability, and availability
- IT process, task, and event automation.

Note that CloudForms is an additional Fee-Based offering not covered by the RHV subscription.
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