Product : Red Hat, RHV/4.1, RHV
Feature : Maturity, Assessment, General
Content Owner:  Roman Macek
RHV 4.1 released in April 2017
RHV 4.1 is the 11th major release of Red Hats enterprise virtualization management software based on the KVM hypervisor.

In 2008 Red Hat acquired Qumranet, a technology startup that began the development of KVM. Red Hats first release of RHV was v2.1 in 2009. The v3.0 release in 2012 was a major milestone in porting the RHV-M manager from .NET to Java (and fully open-sourcing). RHV 3.1 removed all requirements of any Windows-based infrastructure, but still support Microsoft Active Directory and guests. Since RHV 3.2, Red Hat has provided many feature enhancements, improvements in scale, enhanced reliability and integration points to other Red Hat offerings based on the cutting edge KVM developement.

Previous releases:
- RHV 4.0 - Aug 2016
- RHEV 3.6 - March 2016
- RHEV 3.5 - Feb 2015
- RHEV 3.4 - June 2014
- RHEV 3.3 - January 2014
- RHEV 3.2 - June 2013
- RHEV 3.1 - Dec 2012
- RHEV 3.0: Jan 2012
- RHEV 2.2: Aug 2010
- RHEV 2.1 - Nov 2009
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