Product : Red Hat, RHV/4.1, RHV
Feature : Bundle/Kit Pricing, Pricing, General
Content Owner:  Roman Macek
RHV: No included (RHEL: 4/unlimited)
Customers can buy the Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Smart Virtualization which includes both RHV and unlimited RHEL guests for use as the guest operating System.

RHV stand alone subscriptions include the RHV-H hypervisor and RHV-Manager, they do not include the rights to use RHEL as the guest operating system in the virtual machines being managed by RHV.
The customer would purchase this separately by buying a RHEL for Virtual Datacenter subscription.

Please note that RHEL hosts generate additional subscription costs that are not included with RHV (see for details). RHEL hosts are priced by socket pairs (can be stacked to the number of sockets in the server) and subscription levels (Standard/Premium) and are allowed to run up to 4 virtual guests in case they are not managed by RHV.