Product : VMware, vSphere/6.0, Enterprise
Feature : Application/Service HA, HA/DR, VM Mobility and HA
Content Owner:  Roman Macek
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vSphere 6.0 Application High Availability (App HA) – Expanded support for more business critical applications.

vSphere 5.5 introduces enhanced application monitoring for vSphere HA with vSphere App HA.
App HA works in conjunction with vSphere HA host monitoring and virtual machine monitoring to further improve application uptime. vSphere App HA can be configured to restart an application service when an issue is detected. It is possible to protect several commonly used applications. vSphere HA can also reset the virtual machine if the application fails to restart.

App HA leverages VMware vFabric Hyperic to monitor applications (you need to deploy two virtual appliances per vCenter Server: vSphere App HA and vFabric Hyperic - the App HA virtual appliance stores and manages vSphere App HA policies while vFabric Hyperic monitors applications and enforces vSphere App HA policies, vFabric Hyperic agents are installed in the virtual machines containing applications that will be protected by App HA).

vSphere 5 introduced the High Availability (vSphere HA) application monitoring API.