Product : VMware, vSphere/6.0, Enterprise Plus - AK with OM
Feature : Bundle/Kit Pricing, Pricing, General
Content Owner:  Roman Macek
AK OM Ent+ enables 6 CPUs:
$23,495 + 7,615 (Prod) or $6,395 (B)
VMware vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus Acceleration Kit - Convenience bundles that include: six processor licenses for vSphere with Operations Management + vCenter Server Standard license. Six processor licenses of vSphere Data Protection Advanced with the Enterprise and Enterprise Plus Acceleration Kits only)
Unlike the Essentials Kits that function as single entity, vSphere with Operations Management Acceleration Kits decompose into their individual kit components after purchase. This allows customers to upgrade and renew SnS for each individual component. Acceleration kits can be scaled by adding vSphere licenses.

S&S - Subscription and Support listed for 1 year (Production (P): 24 Hours/Day 7 Days/Week 365 Days/Year; Basic (B):12 Hours/Day Monday-Friday.)

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