Product : VMware, vSphere/6.0, Enterprise Plus
Feature : RBAC / AD-Integration, General, Management
Content Owner:  Roman Macek
Yes (vCenter and ESXi hosts), enhanced SSO
The vCenter Single Sign On (SSO) introduced with vSphere 5.1 has been improved in 5.5, reflecting (negative) feedback on the initial release:
- Simplified deployment (single installation model for customers of all sizes)
- Enhanced Microsoft Active Directory integration - The addition of native Active Directory support enables cross-domain authentication with one- and two-way trusts common in multi-domain environments.
- Architecture - Built from the ground up, this architecture removes the requirement of a database and now delivers a multi-master authentication solution with built-in replication and support for multiple tenants.

Granular access control using Active Directory integration for vCenter instances as well as for vSphere hosts existed since vSphere 4.1, so users/admins can be centrally managed using the existing AD infrastructure and assigned roles and right.