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Enhanced Listings allow vendors to present valuable product & contact information in addition to the standard comparison data associated with their listing.
This includes product videos, promoted assets, use cases, quote requests, general vendor contact and more.

Please note: This article assumes that you can already manage your product listing (i.e. your account is associated with the product) – if not please use the “Claim” option here

  • Log in to your account by selecting “Log in” from the top-right
  • Click on your user name and select “My account”
  • Select the tab “vendor area”
    (if you can’t see this tab or your product listing please use the “Claim” option)

    • You will see a table with details of your product listing and several possible actions
    • Select “Edit”
  • You can now add / edit all fields associated with the Enhanced Listing
  • Preview changes with “preview” and save changes with “Add/Modify”

Need help with the actual settings for the enhanced Listing? See this example and detailed help

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