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  • + Relatively high rate of app compatibility. Flexibile solution with a tool for manually adding apps to servers with the SWV tool or stream with SWS.
  • + Integration with App Volumes and Horizon. Next to App-V, it's the most widely used product.
  • + Has the most options for deployment with MSI, portable exe, Streaming from TubroServer, Using the TurboHub or integrated with LANDesk's ESD.
  • + Some apps launch in the browser and plugin is also now supported macOs.
  • + You can isolate the network stack
  • - Development of the product was a bit slow compared to those from smaller vendors. EOL.
  • - Though packaging is pretty streamlined and relatively simple with a series of text files, making updates to large applications requires recompiling the .exe which can take a long time. Development was pretty slow and this was the last product to support 64-bit applications. Newer versions of Office or new Windows Operating System have limited functionality.
  • - Small online community. Packaging and troubleshooting with the various levels of isolation requires skill.
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Support Status
Product is supported (Not End Of Life )
SWV\SWS is now EOL
Under active development
Proven technology
Public enterprise references in Europe
Public enterprise references in US
Official training classes available
Official Certification program: VUE/Prometric
Public showcase of 25+ applications
Public showcase of 50+ applications
Large community resource
Solution licensing
Concurrent licensing
Device licensing
Unlimited licensing
Per named user licensing
Free for personal use
Limited free features
Services Provider License Agreement
Virtualization Characteristics
Full virtualization/isolation of apps
Full integration of apps in Operating System
No, three isolation modes available but none to run completely without isolation