The landscape for Software Defined Storage and Hyperconverged Infrastructure has seen explosive transformation over the past 3 years. When we launched the comparison in October 2015, we started out with 5 vendor platforms and close to 75 technical evaluation points. Today we have 12 vendor platforms evaluated over 115 check-points. If you’ve made the journey with us, you will have seen all of the solutions evolve at their own pace and with their own set of priorities. You will have also witnessed new players and solutions emerge and some of the existing vendors and platforms starting to lag behind or even disappear completely.

SDS & HCI Timeline (landscape report)

The overall trend is clear: as SDS & HCI architectures continue to address critical pain-points, their popularity has now reached a point of mainstream adoption across the globe. At the same time small startups and large vendors alike are actively investing in advancing the technology further, making it an innovative and extremely agile industry segment, with new architectures and products emerging rapidly.

Technology selections in rapidly evolving markets

These market dynamics however make it also extremely difficult for businesses and end-user organizations to decide which platform best meets their specific set of requirements – one of the key reasons for creating the SDS & HCI category on WhatMatrix initially. Visiting WhatMatrix is not only a great way to compare candidate platforms head-to-head over an extensive set of technical evaluation criteria, but visitors can easily select from available use cases (or edit them), to find the best product for THEIR set of priorities!

Best is not always best! Selecting different use cases reveal different “best” products!


Landscape Reports, independent and free to all

Continued feedback from the community made it clear that there was demand for a comprehensive independent snapshot analysis of all vendor platforms – ideally in an easily consumable report format, ideally free for vendors to be included in as long as they are relevant, ideally even completely free to download for you – the reader. With that – the WhatMatrix Landscape report was born, an independent technical analysis report provided by the community, free to vendors and readers alike – an approach that is truly unique in the industry!

Explore key industry trends and find your top solution (by focus area) in the landscape report

Of course the continuous stream of new product releases also means features and their evaluations are constantly changing. By gathering, compiling, and summarizing the current state of SDS & HCI offerings, we worked with the individual vendors and product consultants to make our evaluations as current as possible. That said, we know that some vendor information has already changed between the deadline we set for data submissions and the date of our publication. After all, time, tide, and software release-schedules wait for no one …

Stay current: Complement reports with online comparisons

Keeping our comparisons up-to-date is a monumental challenge, with all of our community consultants having day-jobs like you and me, but we know how powerful the “always current” nature of the online comparisons is. For this reason, we recommend that readers consult our Landscape Report for – as the name says – an overall view of the SDS & HCI landscape. Once you’ve identified qualified candidates, we then advise to use our website to compare the latest evaluations of those candidates side by side, over the latest feature set. You can further refine your comparison with use cases – either those predefined by us or ones you create yourself – ensuring you can rely on the most current analysis possible to find the right product, with the right features, for your organization.

Jump to the most current online evaluation directly from the report – by use case!

the report contains direct links to the online comparison (by use case)

So please download the new report and complement it with the most up-to-date technical online comparison. Remember you can provide feedback and change requests via the in-comparison community curation or via the site feedback!
We want to thank all vendors, community consultants and affiliates as well as the community board for supporting the creation and review of this report – we hope you enjoy it!

Herman Rutten – WhatMatrix Category Consultant [SDS & HCI]


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Herman Rutten

I've been part of the IT world for almost 20 years now. During that time IT infrastructure in general and enterprise storage in particular have always played a significant role in my work. I've had my hands on a wide range of storage technologies, both good and bad, both innovative and conservative. Even as my job description grew broader in scope over the years, a soft spot has always remained for the continuing evolution of the enterprise storage landscape.

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