So, you spotted a mistake or disagree with an evaluation … and … you are annoyed with us …

First, let us apologize and assure you … we WANT (and need) to provide accurate information. We are keeping all core listings free to maintain our unique agnostic position.
The nature of our “always online” comparisons is that they constantly evolve while keeping them accessible (rather than e.g. providing annual updates that are essentially out of date by the time they are published). But it also means that updates for the latest release might still be in “transit” and sometimes … we might have even missed it!

However – we are absolutely focussed on facilitating direct vendor input and community-based input to ultimately provide the most useful guidance possible.  So please – if you spot something that you disagree with – reach out to us!

So what can you do at this stage …? Easy  …

trigger a change request from any feature in the comparison

  • You can submit a “change request” directly from each comparison table (logged-in user)
    • Simply click on the field that you disagree with -> details popup appears
    • Select “Submit Change” and you will be presented with pre-filled form that allows you to send it directly to the comparison owner!
    • You will get a copy of the request and the comparison owner will be in touch with you to discuss the change.

details popup with integrated “change request” function


  • We are (trying) to connect with each individual vendor prior to publishing data. Our community consultants are already working directly with many of you – but please – get in touch with us if you still disagree with an evaluation and we will work directly with you to resolve conflicts!
  • You can also get in touch with us if you want us to consider adding your product to a comparison and we will work with you on the input
  • If interested, vendors can also participate in the recently established “Vendor Community Council” where we facilitate input to our evaluation framework.Note: All vendor input is curated by agnostic category & vendor consultants and subject to open community-curation after publishing it!

We are confident that this approach will allow us to provide the most accurate and agnostic evaluation, bringing together expertise from consumers, vendors and consultants on our platform …

PS Comparisons marked “under development” are being on-boarded / updated and might contain incorrect information.

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