It has been a busy year for App Layering. The comparison has been updated with the latest versions of the respective software suites.
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VMware App Volumes

VMware App Volumes has had some big enhancements including support to store writable volumes on shared datastores, allowing AppStacks to be accessible across multiple VMware vCenter instances. VMware also added the ability to move, back up and restore writable volumes. These enhancements make the product much more flexible and portable for VMware customers in the datacenter. Much like competitors, VMware also improved the Office 365 roaming capabilities of App Volumes and their UEM product. App Volumes is also now even more accessible as part of VMware Cloud on AWS and Azure, as well as partnerships with Google and IBM. Version 2.14.2 provides greater performance than earlier versions and is well worth your time to try out.

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Citrix App Layering

Citrix App Layering has also had some key performance improvements, pretty much across all hypervisors but most notably on VMware ESXi. The biggest feature release of the year is definitely the User Layers, which was part of what made Unidesk great. For many, the lack of User Layers had stopped them from deploying App Layering. This is no longer an obstacle for those deploying to virtual desktops. The majority of large enterprise customers use VMware for their hypersvisor. The combination of performance improvements and the long awaited User Layer could pave the way for greater customer adoption in the coming year.

Liquidware FlexApps

Liquidware FlexApp has continued to evolve. Liquidware also continue to be the most innovative vendor in this space, perhaps thanks to their size vs competitors they are able to turnaround new features and improvements quicker than others. The layer creation process is now slicker with FlexApp than ever before with new features added to the FlexApp console. Liquidware also announced support for object based cloud storage for their FlexApps which is an industry first. We look forward to another year of growth for the App Layering category. Rory Monaghan, Category Consultant for AppVirtguru  

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