The promise and the challenge of technology is that it is constantly evolving.  We are very conscious of this at WhatMatrix. 
Evaluation criteria are under constant review, as they would otherwise quickly lose their relevance. In the case of our Cloud Management Platform comparison, the team has been working on a number of significant updates to the listed products as well as the taxonomy evaluating them. The goal was to remove or adjust criteria that are less useful in differentiating relevant product capabilties and to add or expand criteria that are important to our users.

We are extremely grateful for the extensive user and community feedback that helped us shape the new evaluation criteria – thanks to you all!
The effort was not insignificant, we’ve had a number of tough internal review sessions and worked with all involved to update the comparison with the new taxonomy and then update all individual listings with the new data!
We will continue to be completely transparent with our evaluation method and criteria selection. This allows us to maintain our unique ability to provide independent, in-depth technical evaluations that are shaped by real use cases and evolve with the technologies! 

The new scores reflect the increasing maturity of the CMP market with the top 6 vendors chasing each-other within a 10% “score delta” window. All of them are “leading CMP solutions” in their own right but we will utilise our upcoming “use case” capability to highlight specific strengths and weaknesses for certain deployment scenarios – to help you select the right solution for your specific situation.

Access the latest CMP comparison here  

The latest version of the online comparison includes the following changes:


    • Multi-Cloud > Public Cloud Support > CenturyLink Cloud
    • Multi-Cloud > Public Cloud Support > Rackspace
    • Multi-Cloud > Containers > CoreOS
    • IT Automation > Administration > IPMI
    • IT Automation > Orchestration & Workflow > HP Operations Orchestrations
    • IT Automation > Orchestration & Workflow > VMware vRealize Orchestrator
    • IT Automation > Third-Party Automation > HP Server Automation

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  • Security > Security Features > PKI
  • Security > Security Features > SAML 2.0 


  • In the General category, all items will have an evaluation rating of ‘none’. These items are for information-only.
  • All Features Names of ‘other’ will have an evaluation rating of ‘none’. These include:
    • ‘Multi-Cloud > Virtualization/Private Cloud Support > other’
    • ‘Multi-Cloud > Public Cloud Support > other’
    • ‘Multi-Cloud > Containers > other’ (added)
    • DevOps > Third-Party Integration
  • Changed ‘Multi-Cloud > Containers > Kubernetes’ to ‘Multi-Cloud > Containers > Container management’
  • Changed feature help for ‘SDN Support’
  • Changed feature help for ‘HA/DR features’

Added or Expanded

  • Multi-Cloud > Public Cloud Support > Oracle Cloud
  • Multi-Cloud > Containers > other
  • IT Automation > Orchestration & Workflow > 3rd Party Orchestration
  • IT Automation > Third-Party Automation > 3rd Party Automation
  • IT Automation > Placement > Best Execution Venue – Performance
  • IT Automation > Placement > Best Execution Venue – Security
  • IT Automation > Placement > Best Execution Venue – Cost
  • User Self-Service > Built-In Features > Bursting to public cloud
  • Security > Security Features > Support for single sign-on

Let us know what you think.  Do these changes help you in your assessment of CMP solutions?  Are there additional criteria or interface features you’d like to see?  Contact us at and share your thoughts or just send an email to (subject: CMP criteria)

Enjoy the updated comparison!

Ephraim Baron (Category Consultant) & the WhatMatrix CMP team


PS Want your product added to the CMP comparison – simply drop us a mail and we’ll be in touch!

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Ephraim Baron

I've been a technologist for a long, long time. My IT experience spans many areas including servers, networks, storage, data centers, virtualization, and cloud computing. The rapid pace of change is what I love about IT - it's not just a job, it's an obsession.

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