There have been some interesting features introduced in Nutanix’ Extreme Compute Platform (XCP) v4.7 release. For example, Nutanix has broadened its aim by not only including virtualization platforms, but serving storage to bare metal (physical server) platforms as well. With Acropolis Block Services (ABS) in v4.7 you can now create iSCSI LUNs and present these to both Windows and Linux hosts.

Version 4.7 also introduces the support of in-place hypervisor conversion. This new feature allows you to perform on-the-fly VM migrations from the VMware vSphere hypervisor to the Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor.  Also noteworthy are the addition of support for both Docker Containers and the Microsoft Cloud Platform (CPS) System.

Apart from the new features brought about by the v4.7 AOS release, Nutanix has also recently added Xpress SX-1000 nodes to its hardware portfolio. These small 2U nodes are especially appealing for small-scale deployments as Nutanix still requires a minimum of 3-nodes within any given Nutanix cluster. You can read more about all the latest features in “Nutanix 4.7 and Asterix Features Overview (Beyond Marketing)” at

For a full listing of features, updates and additions, please visit the WhatMatrix SDS/HCI comparision tables here.

Herman Rutten
Category Consultant SDS & HCI 


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