What virtualization platform in 2017? How does VMware vSphere 6.5 fare?!


We’re glad to announce a major update to the ‘Virtualization Platform’ comparison. VMware has been updated with the latest vSphere 6.5  features set and the available product editions have been adjusted accordingly. Compare it now here: https://www.whatmatrix.com/comparison/Virtualization.   Also keep your eyes peeled for another (soon to come) update: Hyper-V Virtualization in Windows Server 2016!  This has arguably not been an easy year for VMware with the dynamics of the Dell / EMC merger, vCloudAir

What Backup solution? Vembu BDR Suite added to WhatMatrix Backup comparison.


Today we announce the addition of Vembu to the ‘What Backup‘ comparison, allowing you to explore & compare Vembu’s BDR Suite with other backup solution. For those wondering whether Vembu is a new player in Backup & DR market – they’ve actually been in the business for over 12 years (although operating under a different business model). Vembu aims to provide ‘enterprise-like’ features to smaller & medium businesses at an attractive price point! So what sets Vembu apart… ? Vembu’s

First Look! Compare Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) on WhatMatrix!


I’m happy to announce the availability of a new comparison category – starting today you will be able to compare various Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) solutions on WhatMatrix! While I’ve been working with ADCs for a long time,  I’ve invested a significant amount of time into this initiative over the last 6 months. No, not just gathering theoretical data, but also performing some in-depth testing to get a better feel for each product. Thanks to the listed vendors for providing

What’s for you … DR or DRaaS? Review the latest updates to the WhatMatrix DR comparison!


Today we’re proud to publish the latest update on the Disaster Recovery for Virtual Environments at WhatMatrix.com! In this latest release you will find two Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions next to the updated on-premises DR solutions. As a first step we’ve added DRaaS solutions of both Microsoft and VMware, to be more specific: Azure Site Recovery and vCloud Air Disaster Recovery. For many organizations DRaaS is a first step when adopting cloud solutions, you can

Cisco HyperFlex: better than everyone else?


Although the Cisco HyperFlex (HX) platform was announced March 1st 2016, the story behind it began several years earlier with Springpath, the software powering the hyper-converged appliances. Springpath, an independent software company, was officially founded in May 2012. After a development period of almost 3 years (which is pretty normal when comparing this to similar companies) Springpath surfaced in February 2015. Even after announcing its existence to the market, Springpath kept optimizing its software-defined storage

‘What Cloud Management Platform?’ 2016/17 – Consult our Expanding ‘CMP’ Category …


When referring to accelerated change, people often talk of dog years or Internet time.  The latter is particularly apt to modern life, where the half-life of technology can be amazingly short.  Simply put, information that isn’t kept current quickly becomes irrelevant.  At WhatMatrix, we recognize the need to continually maintain our categories and products.  And so we’re pleased to announce the latest update to our Cloud Management Platform (CMP) comparison. Major changes include the addition

New! Compare SDS and HCI solutions from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) on WhatMatrix.com (StoreVirtual VSA, HPE HC380, HPE HC250)


HPE entered the SDS/HCI market with their acquisition of LeftHand Networks halfway through 2008. LeftHand Networks, founded in 1999, is a noticeable name as the company pioneered iSCSI storage and eventually ventured into software-based SANs running on commodity servers back in 2007. The SDS solution was initially dubbed Virtual Server Array (VSA). With the acquisition the LeftHand name all but disappeared and the portfolio was re-branded to StoreVirtual. The LeftHand OS remained though (as well

Google Cloud Source Repositories vs. Bitbucket vs. GitHub: A Worthy Alternative?


Without much fanfare, Google introduced a new version control platform, hosted on its vast cloud. If this sounds somewhat familiar, you may be thinking of Google Code, which is now defunct. The big difference is that Google’s new Cloud Source Repositories is a git platform, which means it is a lot more flexible (and useful) than Google Code. Google Code was launched back in 2006, a couple of years before GitHub and Bitbucket appeared on

Red Hat Virtualization 4: Great new Features with the 10th Release – Comparison Matrix updated!


Red Hat has updated its Virtualization Platform with the 10th (!) major release – introducing a significant number of new features alongside the (subtle) re-branding to RHV (from RHEV). Our popular “Virtualization Platform” comparison has been updated accordingly! HERE you can directly compare Red Hat’s feature set with VMware’s, Microsoft’s, Citrix’s etc and print evaluation reports. Here are some of the new features of Red Hat Virtualization 4 – for a full list of enhancements see the

Updates to SDS / HCI comparison – NEW: VxRail (VCE), SimpliVity 3.5.2, Atlantis USX 3.5


The inherent advantage of WhatMatrix’s  “always online” comparisons is that they are frequently updated by our category consultants following product updates and public feedback (much appreciated and please keep it coming!). The evaluations posted on the website have quickly developed WhatMatrix into one of the most comprehensive independent IT infrastructure comparison sources in the industry!   So here is another update to the Software Defined Storage and & Hyper-Converged Systems (SDS/HCI) comparison available HERE. Updates include the addition of VCE’s