SimpliVity OmniStack 3.5 added to WhatMatrix SDS Comparison – What’s New?


Our SDS and HCI comparison has been updated with SimpliVity’s OmniStack 3.5 release. With the “re-emergence” of some of the larger storage vendors in the hyperconverged market the competition is getting  even tougher. The picture illustrates that SimpliVity have successfully managed to almost close the gap to the top spot by enhancing some significant areas of functionality with this release. All while retaining their leadership for use cases where local and remote data protection features are

10 Most Common Web Security Vulnerabilities


(This is a Technical Affiliate Article, bringing you additional in-depth technical content – enjoy!)For all too many companies, it’s not until after a breach has occurred that web security becomes a priority. During my years working as an IT Security professional, I have seen time and time again how obscure the world of IT Security is to so many of my fellow programmers. An effective approach to IT security must, by definition, be proactive and

Embotics vCommander added to WhatMatrix – straight into Top 3 in CMP category


We welcome Embotics to our Cloud Management Platform evaluation category. We’ve added their Cloud Management Software vCommander version 5.6.3 to our technical comparison and after evaluating its capabilities it went straight into the “top 3″ of the category, reflecting the increasing capabilities of Embotics.   One of the (differentiating) key value propositions of vCommander is the ease-of-use and simplicity of the initial set-up compared to some of its competitors. Embotics describes vCommander as an “easy-to-use,

VMware vRealize Suite 7 now part of the WhatMatrix Cloud Management Platforms comparison


A couple of weeks ago VMware announced VMware vRealize Suite 7. vRealize Suite is VMware’s cloud management platform and (of course) supports VMware platforms, as well as 3rd party cloud and virtualization solutions. With the introduction of vRealize Suite 7, VMware provides a more coherent offering: both the vRealize Suite and the vCloud Suite include exactly the same products. There’s one big difference; the vSphere license is included in the vCloud Suite, while the vRealize Suite

Zerto Virtual Replication updated to v4.5 – still leading the pack!


Zerto recently made available version 4.5 of its disaster recovery solutions for VMware and Hyper-V environments and is leading the DR comparison at WhatMatrix, however VMware’s Site Recovery Manager DR is very close if we look at the WhatMatrix score. Microsoft is a little behind, but stay tuned for another update on the comparison that will include Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (used for orchestration and as a replication target). This will certainly improves Microsoft’s WhatMatrix

What’s New – Nutanix 4.6, VSAN 6.2, SimpliVity OmniCube (SDS Comparison updated)


The SDS & HCI Comparison has been been updated accordingly The last few weeks have been incredibly exciting and busy at the same time. VMware announced the next major step in the evolution of their SDS platform. Virtual SAN (VSAN) 6.2 introduced all-new capabilities including reduction techniques (deduplication/compression), Quality-of Service (QoS) and enhanced monitoring.  The new version also meant a change in the licensing model by adding an Enterprise edition at the high-end. Because VSAN is a

Announcing New Comparison: Cloud Management Platforms!


How Cloud Computing is Transforming IT I’ve spent more than 20 years in IT operations.  In that time, computing technology has changed dramatically.  However, some things have remained relatively constant.  IT operations sits at a nexus of negativity.  From a business perspective, operations is overhead and its value is difficult to quantify/justify.  From a developer perspective, operational standards are needlessly strict and limiting.  From a user/requester perspective, IT is a maddening black box where requests

Announcing New WhatMatrix Comparison: Disaster Recovery for Virtual Infrastructures


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) remain to be one of the hottest topic in the IT industry. At the end it’s all about the availability of the IT services that are essential for running the business in any organization. Although we tend to focus on the technological challenges BC/DR brings, business continuity is actually about how to continue the business when a big disaster strikes. This does not only bring technical challenges, but also

WhatMatrix Updates – What’s new, Press Release & links


Today our new community reached an important milestone with the formal launch of our beta website and official Press Release. That’s not all. Just yesterday we published an ‘Opinion Piece’ on The Stack “Has the status quo of IT consultancy come to an end?” to give our view on the disruptive nature of emerging community models. If you are after the 2 minute run-down on “WhatMatrix – What are we about …?” see this video featuring Scott D.

2016 – Explore a new storage frontier with the WhatMatrix community


[This article was originally posted by Herman Rutten on Innovation in IT] As we are nearing the merriest time of the year, it’s a good tradition to look back at yet another 12 months nearly gone by.   2015 has been rather interesting for enterprise storage. Software Defined Storage (SDS) and Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) technologies have been evolving at a rapid pace and are definitely leaving a mark in an already crowded market space. The