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Has VMware won the Hypervisor war? … and who cares anyway… (Hyper-V 3 & SCVMM 2012, RHEV 3, XenServer)

I’ve made it a habit to kick off every larger presentation by asking the audience to indicate adoption of virtualization in their environment. Suffice to say that even just 2 -3 years back barely 10% would indicate any serious evaluation or large scale production use outwith the VMware realm. And when I talked enthusiastically about

VDI – Success or Failure? – or – Why “VDI-bashing” is popular….

I have to admit that it is slightly irritating to fly home from ‘yet another’ client meeting and stumble across ‘yet another’ discussion (OK, let’s call it rant) about VDI on twitter or blogs. Especially when the meeting was actually a positive one that included VDI – so yes – my opinion upfront – there is such

(IV) Rethinking my View of VMware’s End-User Capabilities – Is View 5 a Game Changer?

(This is Part 4 of the ‘Real-World VDI’ series – see Part 1 “Multi-Vendor Stack, Part 2 “High-End Graphics”, Part 3 “Cost” and Part 5 “Future of VDI”) The announcements at VMworld caused me to adjust my view of VMware’s end-user capabilities and vision. So what did VMware announce and why will it impact the current pattern

(II) Real-World VDI – Advanced Graphics: DirectX, OpenGL with HDX & PCoIP

(This is Part 2 of the ‘Real-World VDI’ series – see Part 1 “Multi-Vendor Stack, Part 3 “Cost”,  Part 4 “Recent Announcements” and Part 5 “Future of VDI”) While most clients initially enthusiastically agree to address first the “low hanging fruits” of VDI, almost without exception I had the “dreaded question” come up consistently in

As it was swept away

Vizio D58u D3: This 58 inch 4K set has fewer local dimming zones (10 zones vs. 32 in the M Series and 16 on the E Series) and a 60Hz panel vs. A 120Hz panel in the 60 inch and larger M Series. Gov. Timothy M. Kaine recognized that reality four years ago when he

vSphere 5 Announcement – The Aftermath – Or – Will Microsoft, Citrix and Red Hat be quietly smiling?

#### Update 29/07/11 – VMware is making changes the initial vRAM licensing allocations for vSphere 5 #### Summary of changes are: VMware vSphere 5 Essentials will give a 24GB vRAM entitlement VMware vSphere 5 Essentials Plus will give a 32GB vRAM entitlement Max vRAM in Essentials / Essentials Plus will be maxed at 192GB vRAM

Citrix announces XenServer 6 Beta – The ‘beginning of the end’ for XenCenter?

Citrix announced the public beta for their next version of XenServer 6.0. There are various changes and new features which you can review HERE but I have listed some of the relevant ones below. Some of the key changes are around Citrix’s cloud capabilities (as expected). What strikes me is the overwhelming ‘generosity’ of promoting

Stir and add water

Stir and add water. Stir and add water. And keep it up for 45 minutes to 1 hour until the corn has no raw taste and the polenta is so smooth and creamy you almost can’t tell it has grains in it.. Starting Strong. The Eagles are off to a 3 0 start for the

Those high end key switches

Those high end key switches are covered by single injection molded keycaps with a soft touch coating. The tops of the keys feel silky smooth, but they seem unlikely to last the 50 million cycle lifespan of the Cherry MX switches before that coating wears off. When the keyboard comes out of the box, all

We get to see high end bags hand stitched

We get to see high end bags hand stitched at the Louis Vuitton compound in Paris. We enter Chinese factories, where many luxury items are now cheaply, and secretly, mass produced. We explore the exploding luxury markets in China, Russia and India, where new wealth has created an insatiable appetite for designer brands. This eight

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