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What’s new in XenServer 6.2 … and has Citrix finally given up on its hypervisor?

(The Virtualization Comparison  has been updated with XenServer 6.2 and associated content)   I often hear “XenServer is on it’s way out”, dead even … and looking at the 6.2 release seems to support this theory. Rather than a barrage of new features, the biggest part of the release notes it taken up by “Retired” and

GPU for “3D VDI” – Vendor Comparison: Soft / Shared / Dedicated / vGPU

A high-level ‘graphics acceleration’ comparison section has been added to the Desktop Virtualization category of the ‘Matrix’ (in addition to the previously covered aspects (all listed below). Which vendor can provide software GPU, shared GPU or ‘GPU pass-through’ capabilities? What levels of OpenGL or DirectX are supported? The comparison includes e.g. VMware’s vSGA, vDGA; Citrix XenDesktop’s HDX 3D Pro capabilities including vGPU support for

What’s new in RHEV 3.2 and Red Hat’s Cloud Infrastructure … and what will Red Hat’s “Niche” be …?

(The Virtualization Matrix has been updated with RHEV 3.2 and new cloud related content) Following public announcements at its summit in June, Red Hat made significant updates to its cloud portfolio as well as its Enterprise Virtualization platform (RHEV) available in June and July 2013. The two predominant improvements in RHEV were the full support for live storage migration and a

How to configure 3D and Aero for VMware View 5 – and what is the overhead of doing so? (IBM VDI RA Part 3)

As you probably know, View 5 (in conjunction with vSphere 5) introduced has a software-based GPU function that gives users basic DirectX and OpenGL capability without the use of a physical GPU (like e.g. Citrix’s HDX3D GPU-passthrough requires). Typical target use cases include Aero and low-end 3D animations, not “high-end” 3D engineering application. One of the questions

WhatMatrix Updates – What’s new, Press Release & links

Today our new community reached an important milestone with the formal launch of our beta website and official Press Release. That’s not all. Just yesterday we published an ‘Opinion Piece’ on The Stack “Has the status quo of IT consultancy come to an end?” to give our view on the disruptive nature of emerging community models. If you

Maximums and sizing guidelines for VMware View, XenDesktop (on vSphere) and Virtual Bridges VERDE

When we introduced a building block approach to our reference architecture many questions from the wider team revolved around the scaling maximums and limitations of the respective desktop virtualization solution in order to create valid configurations and correctly sized building blocks. It became quickly apparent that while e.g. in VMware’s case vSphere maximums were well

Upcoming New Website and Collaboration with The

Guest Post By Marek Ďuriš – The  I am very happy that some members of our community have stepped into a closer cooperation with This site is well known by the broad technical community and used by many technical specialists to find the best match for their designs, use and adjustments of virtualized environments. All

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization RHEV 3.1 (KVM based) added to feature comparison matrix

I had recently a significant amount of requests to add Red Hat’s KVM-based Redhat Enterprise Virtualization to the Virtualization Matrix. After several long flights and weekends … here it is. With the RHEV 3.x release Red Hat had created an offering that by many of my clients is perceived to be a cost-effective “good enough” (open-source based)

Stateless desktops, hotels and floating rooms …

Eyes glaze over, the meaningless automatic nodding starts and you can feel the person’s mind is miles away … yes, I admit, I had several such fruitless attempts of explaining the concept and benefits of using ‘stateless versus dedicated desktops’. The inconsistency of todays “VDI” terminology doesn’t help and that includes the description of the relationship

Welcome to WhatMatrix – Your crowdsourced IT Consultancy Platform! (Beta)

WhatMatrix launches new IT comparison platform  It’s Alive! Evolved from a simple comparison table that made Google’s top-3 search, we bravely – or foolishly – decided to develop a new comparison platform WhatMatrix was truly born in the community – for the community … Free, curated comparisons WhatMatrix is an IT comparison website , providing in-depth technology comparisons

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