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What Backup solution? Vembu BDR Suite added to WhatMatrix Backup comparison.


Today we announce the addition of Vembu to the ‘What Backup‘ comparison, allowing you to explore & compare Vembu’s BDR Suite with other backup solution. For those wondering whether Vembu is a new player in Backup & DR market – they’ve actually been in the business for over 12 years (although operating under a different business model). Vembu aims to provide ‘enterprise-like’ features to smaller & medium businesses at an attractive price point! So what sets Vembu apart… ? Vembu’s

Clustering Algorithms: From Start To State Of The Art


It’s not a bad time to be a Data Scientist. Serious people may find interest in you if you turn the conversation towards “Big Data”, and the rest of the party crowd will be intrigued when you mention “Artificial Intelligence” and “Machine Learning”. Even Google thinks you’re not bad, and that you’re getting even better. There are a lot of ‘smart’ algorithms that help data scientists do their wizardry. It may all seem complicated, but

New – ‘Print Report’ now available! Export your Comparison Results.


Many of you asked for the capability to print or export a report for the performed comparison. The report should also include details on any improvements that have been applied using our “Stackbuilder“. Good news – you can now create and print reports directly from any of our comparison pages! Use them as deliverable for your consultancy engagement, RFI attachment or research document. And did we mention all of this is free …?  The top section of