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WhatMatrix announces new ‘SDS & HCI Landscape Report 2017′ (free access for limited time)

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Our community is excited to announce the release of the first WhatMatrix ‘Landscape Report – created by Category Consultant Herman Rutten.  Landscape Reports provide an “in-time” snapshot analysis, complementing the currency and technical depth of our ‘always online’ comparisons with a “reflective” summary view of the entire industry segment. Starting with the SDS & HCI Landscape Report, these reports include key industry trends, top-level analysis of vendor capabilities and a forward looking view that will enable

First Look! Compare Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) on WhatMatrix!


I’m happy to announce the availability of a new comparison category – starting today you will be able to compare various Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) solutions on WhatMatrix! While I’ve been working with ADCs for a long time,  I’ve invested a significant amount of time into this initiative over the last 6 months. No, not just gathering theoretical data, but also performing some in-depth testing to get a better feel for each product. Thanks to the listed vendors for providing

The Pleasure and Peril of IT Comparison Shopping

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This article was originally published at (thanks to TVP Strategy & Alastair Cooke)Great insight, honest analysis, constructive criticism – so we decided to re-publish it Making decisions about IT infrastructure purchases is hard. There are many interlocked decisions to be made, each of which has multiple requirements. Often, a collection of compromises must occur. For the business project owner with little IT knowledge, it may seem far too complicated. It would be great to have tools that simplify these decisions

Crowdsourced IT Comparison Community Gains Momentum!


LONDON, PRNewswire/ Increased Vendor Support, New Categories, Expanding Consultant Community WhatMatrix – the crowdsourced consultancy community platform –  announced 6 new comparison categories have been published, 8 new category consultants and vendor endorsement for its disruptive IT comparison website. The number of viewers of the site has grown exponentially since launching in December, indicating that IT professionals are looking for insightful, unbiased and independent information. The website provides free and intuitive access to an increasing number

Introducing the Upcoming ‘ADC’ Comparison Category – don’t miss it!


So this is my first post here at My name is Marius Sandbu and I am the category consultant for the upcoming ‘ADC’ category (ADC=Application Delivery Controllers) – which will be posted soon! I’ve been working with load-balancing solutions and different vendors for several years now. When I first came across WhatMatrix I liked the idea of being able to quickly compare different technical products to e.g. quickly find out what the supported features are,

Embotics vCommander added to WhatMatrix – straight into Top 3 in CMP category


We welcome Embotics to our Cloud Management Platform evaluation category. We’ve added their Cloud Management Software vCommander version 5.6.3 to our technical comparison and after evaluating its capabilities it went straight into the “top 3″ of the category, reflecting the increasing capabilities of Embotics.   One of the (differentiating) key value propositions of vCommander is the ease-of-use and simplicity of the initial set-up compared to some of its competitors. Embotics describes vCommander as an “easy-to-use,

WhatMatrix Updates – What’s new, Press Release & links


Today our new community reached an important milestone with the formal launch of our beta website and official Press Release. That’s not all. Just yesterday we published an ‘Opinion Piece’ on The Stack “Has the status quo of IT consultancy come to an end?” to give our view on the disruptive nature of emerging community models. If you are after the 2 minute run-down on “WhatMatrix – What are we about …?” see this video featuring Scott D.

2016 – Explore a new storage frontier with the WhatMatrix community


[This article was originally posted by Herman Rutten on Innovation in IT] As we are nearing the merriest time of the year, it’s a good tradition to look back at yet another 12 months nearly gone by.   2015 has been rather interesting for enterprise storage. Software Defined Storage (SDS) and Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) technologies have been evolving at a rapid pace and are definitely leaving a mark in an already crowded market space. The

Roman’s work as Virtualization Technology Consultant


Roman is the Category Consultant for the Virtualization comparison on WhatMatrix.  About Roman Roman grew up with Microsoft server administration, in 2006 he switched to VMware. He focuses on designing solutions for business continuity, high availability, disaster recovery, backup and VDI. He has a strong background and focus on hardware and VMware operating systems administration. He holds certifications from Microsoft, VMware and other industry vendors. VCAP5-DCD, VCAP5-DCA, VCP5, VCP5-DT, MCITP, MCTS, MCSE, vExpert 2015.    

Welcome to WhatMatrix – Your crowdsourced IT Consultancy Platform! (Beta)

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WhatMatrix launches new IT comparison platform  It’s Alive! Evolved from a simple comparison table that made Google’s top-3 search, we bravely – or foolishly – decided to develop a new comparison platform WhatMatrix was truly born in the community – for the community …   Free, curated comparisons WhatMatrix is an IT comparison website , providing in-depth technology comparisons and interactive evaluation tools … … curated and published by our community of IT experts.    “Our Bit” We’re not