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The first WhatMatrix Landscape report was downloaded over 1000 times on the first day of its release! Three further reports are now scheduled to be published in 2018 to provide independent analysis of the following technology areas:Cloud Management Platforms (coming soon! Sep 5th), SDS & HCI solutions (Sep/18) and Blockchain platforms (Q4/18).

WhatMatrix Landscape Reports are a point-in-time snapshot analysis of technical solution capabilities. They include key industry trends, impartial technical assessments of vendor capabilities, and supporting information that enable the reader to make well-informed product evaluations and purchase decisions.

Thanks to Category Consultant Herman Rutten & team you can expect a great line-up of leading and emerging SDS and Hyperconverged platforms that will be evaluated and ranked in the upcoming report including (in alphabetical order): Cisco (HX), DataCore (SSY), Dell EMC (VxRail), HPE (Simplivity), Microsoft (Storage Spaces Direct), NetApp (HCI), Nutanix (ECP), Pivot3 (Acuity), VMware (vSAN) – with an exciting new entry from Datrium (DVX). All products will be reviewed using a fully disclosed taxonomy of 100+ technical evaluation points. All evaluations will be performed by the listed independent community consultants. Results and ranking are expected to be announced within 3 weeks after the review period.

Timeline / release dates for SDS & HCI

  • Wed, Sep 12th: Accepting updates through vendors or open community curation: no later than Wed Sep SDS & HCI Landscape12th (contact your category consultant, use the in-comparison feedback or this form).
  • Last week of Sep: Report will be published [19/09] Report expected to be published in the 2nd week of October


Community consultants reserve the deciding vote on all evaluations in order to ensure vendor-independent results. In case of unresolved disagreements WhatMatrix will employ peer reviews and (if required) board review to resolve them. All products listing will be subject to Open Community Curation enabled by WhatMatrix to ensure independent evaluations. We are looking forward to a great “What SDS & HCI 2018” campaign! Herman Rutten – Category Consultant [SDS&HCI] & contributing consultants

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Herman Rutten

Technical consultant and Solutions architect with 20 years of field experience. At first focused on on-premises IT Infrastructure including enterprise servers, storage, virtualization, backup/restore and disaster recovery. Following evolutionary industry changes the scope has gradually broadened to public cloud, data security, hybrid connectivity and advanced analytics. Category Lead for the independent WhatMatrix Analyst community since 2015.

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